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Life Story/Life in Albany, NY

휴가 계획 + 7월 주말 계획

5thBeatles 5thBeatles 2009.07.10 10:59

7/10 5pm: Going to Boston, MA
7/11 Day: Boston Tour
       Night: Royals vs. Red Sox at Fenway Park (Smoltz pitches for Red Sox)
7/12 Day: Cambridge Tour

7/17 5pm: Going to Flushing, NY
7/18 Day: John Lennon Exhibits at Rock & Roll HoF in Manhattan
       Night: Paul McCartney Concerts at CITI Field

7/21 NY Mets@Phillies Philladelphia
7/22 Philladelphia Tour then JC's Home
7/23 Baltimore Tour
7/24 Washington Tour
7/25 Luray Cave
7/26 Padres@Nationals in Washington then JC's Home
7/27 Royals@Orioles in Baltimore


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